Corporate HQ and R&D Lab:
Sunnyvale, CA

Pilot Production Line:
Nanjing, China

Founded in 2008, Amprius is a manufacturer and developer of high energy density lithium-ion batteries.

The technology is centered on using silicon to replace carbon in lithium-ion battery electrodes and seeks to capture silicon’s greater lithium ion capacity potential. Using anodes with this technology could potentially create lithium-ion batteries that have a up to 80% improvement in battery life over existing high-end batteries.

Company’s short-term focus is on consumer electronics with a long-term interest in electric transportation. As of 2015 Amprius built about 1,000,000 batteries for testing with customers that include Nokia and some of U.S. and China-based manufacturers.

Introduced in May 2013, first-generation nanostructured battery products in market are able to store 580 watt-hours per liter: 20% to 30% higher than any other battery in the marketplace. Second-generation battery products will have approximately 700 Wh/L performances (17% improvement). Third-generation model would provide upwards of 750 Wh/L (32% improvement). The long-term product potential could reach 1000 Wh/L.

Dr. Steven Chu, Nobel Prize in Physics (2007), 12th United States Secretary of Energy (2009 to 2013) is on the Board of Directors.

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Image - Yi Cui.jpg

Dr. Yi Cui

Founder, Amprius

Associate Professor, Materials
Science and Engineering, Stanford University SLAC National Laboratory

Blavatnik National Award
Finalist 2014 and 2015

Recognized for numerous innovations in high-performance energy storage devices and broad energy and environment technology.

In the past decade, Dr. Cui has made outstanding contributions to nanoscale materials design for energy conversion and storage and environment. He is a highly prolific materials scientist and has published more than 290 research papers and given more than 250 plenary/keynote/ invited talks. His works have generated a very large impact and he is among top most cited scientists in the world.


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