Biota Technology


Corporate HQ: Denver, CO

Founded in 2012, Biota Technology delivers novel software and information services to industrial markets.

Microbes play a crucial functional role in the operation and structure of a wide range of physical systems in which their role has been under-appreciated. Biota views these microbial communities as the most advanced and cost effective sensor network for many industrial markets including energy, agriculture, and cosmetics.

The company leverages low cost DNA sequencing and cloud computing with proprietary innovations in microbiome software and data science, to develop unique methods to visualize and cluster the data and build predictive models that correlate these microbial sensor networks to critical production parameters.

Biota's microbiome software and data science innovations were developed with $20MM
investment over 5 years from the lab of Dr. Rob Knight.

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Dr. Rob Knight

Dr. Rob Knight

CSO and Co-Founder
Biota Technology

Professor of Pediatrics and Computer Science & Engineering, University of California, San Diego

Blavatnik National Award
Finalist 2014 and 2015

Recognized for his microbiome research and development of software tools to help with interpretation and comparison of metagenomics sequence data

Dr. Knight is a world-leading microbial data expert. His research focuses on characterizing complex microbial communities. The Knight Lab developed the popular UniFrac and QIIME software for microbial community analyses and protocols for high-throughput microbial ampl- icon sequencing on the 454 and Illumina platforms. Dr. Knight has participated in discoveries including linking gut microbes to obesity, to diet, to geography, to age and to host behavior.


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