Corporate Offices and Research Lab:
San Francisco, Palo Alto, & San Jose, CA

Founded in 2013, Epinomics Inc. uses proprietary epigenomics technology to decode the programming of human genome to drive personalized medicine.

The company is leveraging big data analytics and proprietary epigenomics technology with 1000x improvement over existing technologies to impact drug development and clinical applications. The technology was developed in the lab of Dr. Howard Chang and his collaborator at Stanford.

In 2014 Epinomics was selected for StartX, Stanford's top entrepreneurial platform.

For more detailed information, please visit: www.epinomics.co

Dr. Howard Chang

Dr. Howard Chang

Scientific Co-founder, Epinomics

Professor of Dermatology
Stanford University School of Medicine

Blavatnik National Award
Finalist 2014

Recognized for studies and methods development on gene regulation and the role of non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs)

Dr. Chang's research addresses how large sets of genes are coordinated to carry out biological programs, such as in development, cancer, and aging. Dr. Chang pioneered discoveries of long noncoding RNAs that control gene activity throughout the genome, illuminating a new layer of biological regulation. The long term goal of his research is to decipher the regulatory information in the genome to benefit human health.


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