Corporate HQ: New York, NY

Founded in 2012, Ferric Semiconductor Inc. is commercializing innovative DC-DC power converter chips and circuit IP based on patented power inductors for customers in the mobile and cloud computing spaces.

Ferric's proprietary technology enables integrated, high-efficiency power conversion. Dr. Ken Shepard and his team developed integrated inductors in the complementary metal–oxide– semiconductor (CMOS) technology with precisely engineered laminations of high-permeabil- ity magnetic material. This process allows the magnetic materials to be deposited as part of normal CMOS fabrication and drives down the cost of production.

Company's flexible business model, where all circuit IP is licensable, allows chip customers to integrate Ferric IP within their integrated circuits/chips.

For more detailed information, please visit: www.ferricsemi.com

Dr. Kenneth Shepard

Technical Advisor, Chairman, Founder, Ferric

Professor of Electrical Engineering,
Columbia University

Blavatnik Regional Award
Finalist 2008

Recognized for the development of novel inductor technology that allows dense, efficient, on-chip energy storage

Dr. Kenneth Shepard served as a research staff member and manager at the IBM Watson Research Department where he was responsible for the design methodology for IBM's G4 S/390 microprocessors. He co-founded CadMOS Design Technology, an EDA start-up which pioneered PacifIC and CeltIC, the first tools for large-scale signal integrity analysis of digital integrated circuits. CadMOS was acquired by Cadence, leading provider of EDA and semiconductor IP, in 2001.


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