Q-State Biosciences

Q-State Biosciences

Corporate HQ: Cambridge, MA

Founded in 2013, Q-State Biosciences provides a new approach to preclinical drug development by combining optical imaging with stem cell technology.

The company developed an all-optical electrophysiology platform for controlling and recording activity in electrically active cells. Q-State platform combines proprietary ultrasensitive optogenetic actuators, genetically encoded voltage indicators, stem cell technology and advanced optical imaging.

The technologies enable, for the first time, all-optical electrophysiological characterization of human disease models, providing novel solutions to customers in pharma, academia, and to individual patients.

For more detailed information, please visit: www.qstatebio.com

Dr. Adam Cohen

Co-Founder, Q-State Biosciences

Professor of Chemistry, Chemical Biology and Physics, Harvard University

Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Blavatnik National Laureate 2014

Recognized for significant breakthroughs in cellular imaging that allow for the observation of neural activity in real-time, at single-cell resolution

Dr. Cohen develops tools to visualize bioelectric phenomena such as firing of neurons, electrical pacing in the heart, or electrical spiking in bacteria. The Cohen Lab developed the first robust genetically encoded fluorescent reporters of electrical activity in neurons. In 2007, Technology Review Magazine named him one of the top 35 US technological innovators under the age of 35 and Popular Science named Dr. Cohen one of their “Brilliant Ten” top young scientists. In 2010 he received a Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers from President Obama.


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