Sirenas Marine Discovery

Sirenas Marine Discovery

Corporate HQ: San Diego, CA

Founded in 2011, Sirenas Marine Discovery discovers and generates marine-inspired
pre-clinical leads for cancer, HIV, and infectious diseases.

The company collects and catalogues a diverse repository of complex and potent molecules and combines it with informatics tools, genomic information, and organic and medicinal chemistry expertise to generate new pre-clinical leads for a range of diseases.

Sirenas looks to become a provider of high-quality preclinical leads to larger biotech and pharmaceutical companies. It currently has two potential first in-class programs in HIV and Oncology.

The company also aims to bridge the gap between private enterprise and academia, combining its chemistry expertise and resources with collaborative and flexible business models with both institutions and industry partners.

Sirenas was voted a San Diego top 30 “Cool Company” by the San Diego Venture Group in 2013.

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Dr. Phil Baran

Co-Founder, Sirenas Marine Discovery

Professor of Chemistry, The Scripps Research Institute

Blavatnik National Award Finalist 2014 and 2015

Recognized for designing efficient, commercially-scalable syntheses of biologically active natural products

Dr. Baran’s laboratory is dedicated to the study of fundamental organic chemistry through the auspices of natural product total synthesis. He has also developed methods to rapidly generate more metabolically active and robust pharmaceutical leads by inventing a “toolbox” of alkanesulfinate reagents. Dr. Baran serves as a scientific consultant on the scientific advisory board of various pharmaceutical companies.


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