Corporate HQ:
Watertown, MA

Founded in 2007, WiTricity Corporation provides the foundational technology to enable wireless power transfer over distance using magnetic resonance.

Through deep domain expertise, a strong IP portfolio and an extensive reference design library, WiTricity works with innovative companies to incorporate WiTricity technology into their products and solutions. With a growing list of global licensees in the consumer electronics (e.g. Intel), automotive (e.g. Toyota), medical devices (e.g. Thoratec) and defense industries, the company has emerged as the leader in wireless power transfer over distance.

For more detailed information, please visit: www.witricity.com

Founder and Board Member, WiTricity

Professor of Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Blavatnik National Laureate 2014

Recognized for numerous discoveries of novel phenomena related to the interaction of light and matter and his work on wireless power transfer technology

Marin Soljac̆ić’s main research interests are in electromagnetic phenomena, focusing on nanophotonics, non-linear optics, and wireless power transfer. He is the recipient of the Adolph Lomb medal from the Optical Society of America (2005), and the TR3 5 award of the Technology Review magazine (2006). In 2008, he was awarded a MacArthur fellowship “genius” grant. In 2011 he became a Young Global Leader (YGL) of the World Economic Forum.


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