Eleanor Stride

2020 United Kingdom Award Finalist — Faculty

Eleanor Stride

Current Position:
Statutory Professor of Biomaterials

University of Oxford

Biomedical Engineering & Biotechnology

Recognized for: Innovations in microbubble engineering that have paved the way for novel, on-demand drug release methods through the use of ultrasound and magnetic fields to target the release of drugs to specific tissues.

Areas of Research Interest and Expertise:

Medical Engineering, Drug Delivery, Cancer Therapeutics, Anti-Microbial Resistance, Clinical Translation

Previous Positions:

BEng (Honors), University College London
PhD, University College London (Advisor: Prof. Nader Saffari)
Royal Academy of Engineering Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University College London
Reader, University College London

Research Summary:

Prof. Eleanor Stride’s research seeks to model, design, and synthesize bioengineered microbubbles that can carry and deliver bioactive agents such as cancer therapies. By developing new mathematical models of bubble surface dynamics, Stride has demonstrated an ability to create bubbles from synthetic materials and evoke “on demand” release of bubble contents by stimulating them with medically safe ultrasound waves. A clear application of this technology is the delivery of chemotherapy drugs into cancerous tumors, a line of research in which Stride has made tremendous contributions. For example, her group has developed microbubbles capable of carrying oxygen safely to tumors where an oxygen-rich environment is necessary for the activation of cancer drugs. Indeed, this approach is already showing extraordinary promise as a tool for treating pancreatic cancer. Further, she has pioneered the development of magnetically-sensitive microbubbles, which provide a means to localize bubble populations using a magnetic field outside the body. In addition to Stride’s groundbreaking work in cancer therapy bioengineering, her work on microbubble synthesis has significant implications for targeting and delivering other bioactive agents, including genetic material. Her group created ‘tunable’ microbubbles—bubbles of varying size and ultrasound-frequency sensitivity—for specific drug and gene therapies in cardiovascular and brain disease. Stride has taken active steps to enable the clinical translation of these technologies and is a co-founder of two companies, AtoCap and SonoTarg. Through her pioneering work in microbubble development, Stride is a leader in innovative bioengineering, helping to usher in the next wave of clinical solutions to public health.

"I was amazed and absolutely thrilled to receive the call from the Blavatnik Awards team. I am incredibly lucky to work with a fantastic multidisciplinary team of scientists, engineers and clinicians and to be doing research with the potential to have real and positive impact on patient treatment."

Key Publications:

  1. E. Beguin, S. Shrivastava, N. Dezhkunov, A.P.P. McHale, J.F. Callan, E. Stride. Direct Evidence of Multi-Bubble Sonoluminescence Using Therapeutic Ultrasound and Microbubbles. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2019.
  2. J. Owen, P. Rademeyer, D. Chung, Q. Cheng, D. Holroyd, C. Coussios, P. Friend, Q.A. Pankhurst, E. Stride. Magnetic Targeting of Microbubbles Against Physiologically Relevant Flow Conditions. Interface Focus, 2015.
  3. J. Lee, D. Carugo, C. Crake, J. Owen, M. de Saint Victor, A. Seth, C. Coussios and E. Stride. Nanoparticle-loaded Protein-Polymer Nanodroplets for Improved Stability and Conversion Efficiency in Ultrasound Imaging and Drug Delivery. Advanced Materials, 2015.
  4. N.A. Hosny, G. Mohamedi, P. Rademeyer, J. Owen, Y. Wu, M.X. Tang, R.J. Eckersley, E. Stride, M.K. Kuimova. Mapping Microbubble Viscosity Using Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging of Molecular Rotors. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2013.

Other Honors:

2019100 Most Influential Women in the Engineering Sector, Inclusive Boards in partnership with the Financial Times
2018Fellowship, Acoustical Society of America
2017Fellowship, Royal Academy of Engineering
201650 Most Influential Women in Engineering, The Women’s Engineering Society
2014AF Harvey Prize, The Institute of Engineering and Technology
2014Fellowship, The ERA Foundation
2013Bruce Lindsay Award, Acoustical Society of America
2010Venture Prize, The Worshipful Company of Armourers and Brasiers
2009Philip Leverhulme Prize, The Leverhulme Trust
2009Engineering Medal, Parliamentary Science, Engineering & Technology for Britain


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