Jonathan Fisher

2013 Regional Award Winner — Post-Doc

Jonathan Fisher

Current Position:
Assistant Professor of Physiology

New York Medical College (Previously at The Rockefeller University)


Recognized for: Utilizing novel photochemical techniques to dissect the active process that accounts for the high sensitivity of the mammalian cochlea

Areas of Research Interest and Expertise: Portable neural diagnostics and therapy, auditory processing, neuroimaging data visualization

Jonathan Fisher


PhD, Physics, University of Pennsylvania
BA, Physics, University of Pennsylvania

Jonathan Fisher’s current research examines the dynamic interplay between the physics of sound and the neuroscience of sensation, by answering two open-ended questions regarding our selective attention to sounds:

  1. How does top-down attention to sounds affect efferent control of the cochlea?
  2. What is the interplay between efferent activity and the attention modulated representation of sounds in the auditory cortex?

Fisher’s doctoral research gave him a background in physics, as applied to the use of optical techniques for biological experimentation. He has also pioneered advances in techniques for high-speed, multiplexed imaging, and developed new organic dyes with enhanced nonlinear optical properties advantageous for two-photon microscopy. He devised and conducted a set of experiments examining the active process that accounts for the high sensitivity of the mammalian cochlea, subsequently connecting the characteristics of normal hearing to molecular forces and answering long-standing questions in auditory neuroscience.

"I am interested in how the brain’s control of the auditory system influences our perception of sounds. I am also interested in imaging and neural prosthesis."

Key Publications:

  1. Fisher JAN, Nin F, Reichenbach T, Uthaiah R, Hudspeth AJ. The spatial pattern of cochlear amplification. Neuron. 2012;76(5):989-997.
  2. Fisher JAN, Kowalik L, Hudspeth AJ. Imaging electrical resonance in hair cells.Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2011;108(4):1651-1656.
  3. Fisher JAN, Barchi JR, Welle CG, Kim G-H, Kosterin P, Obaid AL, Yodh AG, Contreras D, Salzberg BM. Two-photon excitation of potentiometric probes enables optical recording of action potentials from individual mammalian nerve terminals in situ.Journal of Neurophysiology. 2008; 99:1545-1553.

Other Honors:

Postdoctoral Fellowship in Basic Neurosciences, Bristol-Myers Squibb, 2008
Bookham Student Award, Optical Society of America New Focus, 2006