Corporate HQ: New York, NY

Founded 2010, Lucerna, Inc. is accelerating drug discovery of RNA-based diseases through the development of innovative technologies for imaging RNA in living cells.

Multiple alterations in RNAs have been linked to a wide range of medical disorders. A major challenge of molecular biology is to detect these alterations and develop therapeutics that correct these abnormalities.

Lucerna is using its proprietary technology to develop small molecule therapeutics for "triplet diseases," a family of diseases caused by RNA aggregations.

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Dr. Samie Jaffrey

Dr. Samie Jaffrey

Co-founder and
Senior Scientific Advisor,
Lucerna, Inc.

Professor of Pharmacology,
Weill Cornell Medical College

Blavatnik Regional Award
Winner 2013

Recognized for uncovering mechanisms that control mRNA trafficking during brain development

Dr. Jaffrey and his group developed the first method to map RNA base modifications such as m6A in the transcriptome. Dr. Jaffrey's group is developing new approaches to understand how m6A affects cellular function in normal and disease s tates.


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