Neurovision LLC

Neurovision LLC

Corporate HQ: New York, NY

Founded in 2013, Neurovision LLC creates new technology for visualizing large neuroimaging datasets.

New technology is changing the way that scientists view the brain. At a microscopic level, researchers can visualize sparks of electrical activity in individual neurons and resolve motifs of neural connectivity that support consciousness, emotions, and complex thought. At a macroscopic level, researchers use clinical imaging technologies to identify brain regions that underlie this broad repertoire of higher cognitive processes.

Via its NEURODOME® initiative and Neurotours™ product, the company produces immersive data visualization content, including virtual reality and dome-format films, distributed worldwide.

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Dr. Jonathan Fisher

Founder and Director, Neurovision LLC

Assistant Professor of Physiology,
New York Medical College

Blavatnik Regional Award
Winner 2013

Recognized for utilizing novel photochemical techniques to dissect the active process that accounts for the high sensitivity of the mammalian cochlea

Jonathan Fisher's current research examines the dynamic interplay between the physics of sound and the neuroscience of sensation. Dr. Fisher developed new neuroimaging techniques for imaging electrical activity in the brain. As a performing artist, he has created events that explore the interface between art and technology.


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